Regardless of the nature of your business, many find that a website is a necessity for any business. While many businesses are able to operate without an online presence, only those with a functional website are able to use the same to attract a new funnel of customers.

Websites help businesses inject their brand into completely new demographics. Websites offer more than just an online presence; they offer a portal into just how your audience is interacting with your brand within the online world. When partnered with additional solutions, such as CRM software, businesses are able to better tailor their next marketing campaign to prove a better call-to-action to potential customers.


Social networks have also amplified the importance of a business having a website, as sites such as Facebook and Twitter offer a number of services that allow posts to be converted into website traffic, giving your business a wider demographic to aim its marketing towards.


Of course, for the website to have the desired effect, it needs to be both aesthetically-pleasing, as well as responsive. The modern age dictates that websites must be able to furnish visitors with the information they need quickly. If a website is unable to do so, then it is likely that the visitor will simply move onto the competition. You can imagine how detrimental this can be over the course of a day.


Fortunately, KwikTech Solutions recognises the importance of not only having a website that’s pleasing to the eye, but also one that is fully responsive and is able to display correctly on any we browser.

KwikTech Solutions - Responsive WebDesign

KwikTech Solution has a wealth of experience in the website design sector, and as such, is not only able to offer a website that will keep a visitor engaged, but it will also be designed so it can be viewed on smartphones and tablets, at no additional cost to you or your business.


KwikTech Solutions can include the following services with any website build:


  • Search Engine Optimisation Management (SEO)
  • 1st Years Domain Name & Site Hosting with Google Cloud
  • E-mail Accounts
  • Content Writting
  • Google Analytics Set Up
  • Website Favicon
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Google Business Set Up
  • FaceBook, Google+, Twitter & LinkedIn Account Set Up


Customers can also be confident that their website is hosted without incident, thanks to all sites being hosted via Google Cloud Servers. This ensures that our customers are only given access to the most stable and secure servers available, meaning no unexpected website crashes.


KwikTech Solutions will also ensure that your website is designed so it’s ready to tackle the dominant world of SEO. Although SEO is an ongoing process, KwikTech Solutions will ensure that your website is designed to meet with the strict deadlines put in place by search engine providers.


A basic three page brochure website can cost as little £399, so there’s very little reason as to your brand can’t make the right kind of impact within the online world. Still unsure? Then why not take a look at some of the websites KwikTech Solutions has worked on in the past.